Handcrafted Soap

Handmade in small batches in the USA by our artisan soap makers

This is our top selling soap. Loaded with 100% pure mineral rich Dead Sea mud, activated charcoal and scented with a unique blend of pure essential oils.

Packed with goats milk and certified organic oils! Our lavender soap is unlike any other. What makes this soap unique is that the lavender scent lasts throughout the use of the bar, all the way down to the last sliver.

Like the name of this soap, we have added a hefty amount of organic oats, goats milk and organic unrefined honey to nourish your skin. This soap doubles as an exfoliating soap due to the hefty amount of oatmeal added.

Made with certified organic aloe vera juice, organic calendula and naturally colored with organic turmeric.  Lightly scented with pure essential oils to give this soap a light lemon blossom scent.

This is an amazing bar of soap. Never in my life did I think I would get this excited over soap. However, this stuff is the real deal. After just a few days, I noticed a major improvement in my skin. The problem I had with a lot of soaps and cleansers is that they dry up my face. But this soap packs a strong moisturizer that leaves you feeling refreshed. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.
— T.F - Dead Sea Mineral Mud

Our Cedar Lime soap combines three of our best soaps (Dead Sea mineral mud, lavender,  and aloe vera & calendula) Naturally scented with pure essential oils

The ultimate exfoliating bar of soap, chalked full of certified organic and fair trade coffee ground and organic rolled oats.  Our blend of pure essential oils gives this soap a lovely cinnamon scent with back notes of clove and vanilla.

This is a pretty amazing sports soap. We took your traditional soap and infused it with a plethora of Arnica, then we added 100% pure essential oils to give this soap a light eucalyptus mint scent

This soap is a real treat for your skin.  Made with 100% pure mineral rich dead sea mud and certified organic neem leaf.  This soap is scented with a blend of pure essential oils giving it a citrus mint scent.